Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chattanooga and Heading Back South

We are now back in Florence, Alabama watching the Alabama vs. LSU football game. I thought the OSU fans were crazy but the SEC fans are another level. In our last post we were at Chattanooga. We spent 3 nights there and we had a great time in a great city. There are all kinds of places to eat and drink and also several tourist locations that are really nice. There is an aquarium close to the docks and several of the Loopers went and said it was very good. There is a free electric bus that runs through downtown and ends up at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Center which is really a bunch of shops on the grounds of the old railroad depot. They have a trolley that takes you around the grounds and the conductor gives a history lesson. We were the only ones on our trip so the conductor spent extra time with us.

Besides the scenery traveling to and from Chattanooga the highlight for me was Lookout Mountain. We took a city bus about 6 miles and then went up in a cable car about a mile to Lookout Mountain, TN which has a great view of the city and also has a Civil War park that was very interesting. You are supposed to be able to see seven states from up there - we did not intentify that many.

We left Chattanooga on Tuesday and headed back West so we could finally go South. The first night we spent at a really great anchorage. The weather was perfect and the location was fantastic. Sid on "Something Special" and I took a long dingy ride and met some other Loopers who were anchoring. The next two nights were spent at Goose Pond Marina in Scottsboro, AL. On the second night we were invited to have dinner at a local barbecue place called Barry's. There were 13 of us and we were driven by a local couple and also the harbor host for this area. The restaurant was 20 miles away but it was worth the drive. It was an all you can eat buffet with pork, chicken, catfish, greens, coleslaw, beans, bread, ect. and it was all homemade for only $8.95 each. We spent the next night in Ditto Landing marina near Huntsville, AL and today we traveled 78 miles and two locks to Florence, AL. We are leaving tomorrow to to to Aqua Harbor Marina which is where we will start heading South. It has been a great 9 days up and back from Chattanooga - but now it is time to get warmer.

The sign above the shopping center
Our conductor on the trolley
Chattanooga is the home of the Moon Pie
This is for Craig and Deb
There are many of these around town
Another view of the shopping center
Ginny and I couldn't resist having a beer or two at a local place
The cable car to Lookout Mountain
Wonderful views from the top
Ginny in Point Place, the Civil War park
You can see how the Tennessee River winds around and around
I hated to have long pants on but it was a little chilly
Sid and Evelyn on the cable car
Fog is an everyday occurrence and you need to be careful
Sid and me on our dinghy ride at the anchorage
Great scenery
Nice Sunset
Eating dinner with other Loopers at Barry's
Not a huge selection but the food was fantastic

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  1. Good Morning Guys: I visited your blog today. This is Randy Jinks. I met ya'll at breakfast in Chattanooga, TN. We were in the little Sea Ray and we leaving back for Guntersville on that Sunday morning. Looks like you are having a ball. Nine days on the Tennessee River can't be bad. Did you see many eagles along the way. We made it back ok. Bought gas at Hale's Marina and think I got some water. Had to stop a few times cause boat would just start loosing power. That will be a good winter time project to discover what was the problem. Continue your journey and come to Alabama as often as possible. Keep eating that good BBQ and Roll Tide! We let that one get away from us. Should have had it and hope we get another shot. Randy Jinks